3 Things about me:
 I come from Marseille
 I cannot eat garlic
 They say: "Never work with children or animals" (they are my best photos subject results!)
I am a French freelance photographer living in Windsor. I have loved photography from a very young age and always had dogs in my life. When I was little and living with my parents and my sisters, we never had a dog or a cat. For many years I dreamt that one day I will get my own dog. It is when I moved to the U.K that it finally happened. My first ever dog was a beautiful German puppy. (I named him Kazan after a book I read when I was a child about dogs). With him, I had some of the most wonderful memories, he was my best friend. I had dogs in my life after Kazan passed away. At one stage I owned 5 dogs. A real pack experience. With the years I have learnt to read their language which makes it so easy when I photograph them. I can read them "Like a book" and understand what they are thinking almost telepathically. 
 I am a passionate photographer. In the past I have enjoyed various types of photographic assignments, from weddings, corporate headshot, landscapes, action sport to family's portraits. My portfolios have also included fashion photography to still photos for the film industry. I have an inherent ability to capture emotions with animals whether cats, horses or dogs I can see and capture their beauty, their soul. 

 I aim to give you the best photography that you could ever own and cherish them in the years to come. My dog action photographic shots are ones of my specialities: it shows all the tiny expressions that is not possible to see without "freezing" the action with a camera (and some of the pictures can be hilarious ones!);  the results are some wonderful shots of your beloved pet, that you would not have seen with naked eyes, making unique some awesome photographs to keep.
During the photoshoot, it is the perfect time to add any member of the family, I am cool with that too! I love working with children and the combination of Pet and family member is a great photo to cherish for ever.
Although I specialise in dogs I can also do a photoshoot for cats and horses (I used to be a rider!). The photoshoot price will be the same as the dog one. Here are some examples below of some great photos I have done for clients: 
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